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Battlestar Wiki:Simple English Battlestar Wiki

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BSG WIKI Project.png This page is one of Battlestar Wiki's many projects.
This page serves to coordinate discussion on a particular aspect of this Wiki. The formal recommendations of a project may be treated as policies.

Hi there! Welcome to the Simple English Battlestar Wiki, an easy-to-read online reference site for all three Battlestar Galactica series.

The Simple English Battlestar Wiki is the great and growing reference written for people wanting to know the basic, important details of the series. Simple Battlestar Wiki is like Cliff Notes for Battlestar Galactica, since it only gives basic information. An extremely detailed version of Battlestar Wiki can be found here.


The reason why this Battlestar Wiki is written in Simple English is so that people with learning difficulties, children, and people whose mother language is not English can easily grasp the show.

A few recent studies show that people not only scan web pages and not read them, but they also scan 28% of a page's text before moving on.

The goal of this wiki is to summarize and clarify content so as to make it easily readable.


We have an article on here on writing articles in Simple English, a kind of English that only uses basic words.

Most articles here are edited and written into Simple English from the Ordinary English Battlestar Wiki.

Here are suggestions:

  • A large amount of the articles should use only the 1000 most common and basic words in English.
  • They should also use only simple grammar, and shorter sentences. A normal article uses 2000 words or less.
  • Do not use contractions (a short word used instead of two words) like don't, can't, it's, won't, shouldn't, could've.
  • Some articles need more than 2000 different words, as some complex articles use more words. But even very basic concepts (science, politics, religion, technology) are too difficult to explain with a small number of words. The English must be simple.
  • For detailed writing about science, politics, or religion, articles sometimes need more words, but the English must be simple. Sometimes, an article uses more than 2000 words, or, at the most, 3000, but it explains all the hard words. Articles need some complex words because of the article names in the ordinary English Battlestar Wiki, and to use normal words would make the article too simple.
  • There are no rules about vocabulary, tense or suffixes. Some articles use only Basic English (850 words), but this wiki has no strong rules about which words can be used, as E Prime does.
  • If a word is not simple or not used often here, explain it on a new page.

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